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6th Grade ARGONAUTS Team  (KSD Connect Team)

Shelly Richter ELA
Dana Starzl MATH
Jeremy Miller Science
Tyler Owen Social Studies

6th Grade CRUSADERS Team

Missy Colhour ELA
BJ Webster MATH
Haley Chase Science
Paul Brannan Social Studies

6th Grade STARS Team

Ashley Murrell ELA
Kerri Prom MATH
Tricia Mendel Science
Logan Deem Social Studies

7th Grade GOLD Team

Kate Antos ELA
Cheryl Hodge MATH
Monica Vanderau Science
Chris Mackie Social Studies

7th Grade HEROES Team

Rachel Daniels ELA
Jana Sturm MATH & KSD Connect Pre-Algebra
Jessica Fowler Science
Zachary Boswell Social Studies

7th Grade SPIRIT Team  (KSD Connect Team)

Heather McNeely ELA
Brad Wollard MATH
Doris Cadd Science
Lee Ann Campbell Social Studies

Explo Team

Jessica Collings 6th Grade Computers




Heidi Dodd Band
Chris Heil Band
Mindy Gray 6th & 7th  Grade Gateway to Technology
Rickie Hayes 6th & 7th Media and Yearbook 7
Stephanie Johnson 6th & 7th Grade Art
Ann Lewis 6th and 7th Grade Vocal Music/Popular Music
Jennifer McNeely Counselor
Dana Christie Counselor (site coming soon)
Audra Pelham Library
Kristen Campbell
Tyler Funk
Troy Resler
Darla Yakle
Darla Yakle Health

Special Services

Hallee Jones-Special Education

Sara Owen-Special Education

Jennifer Chrane  Elementary & Middle School GATE

Speech & Language

Occupational & Physical Therapy Services

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